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What to write about? What to write. I have decided to go all meta since it’s been quite a while since I have done such. I have found this form of writing really makes me think about the medium I am putting my thoughts into. I have not used such a public platform to share my ideas, and I want to discuss what the blog is to me since we are really taking an incredible chance. Really, I don’t think the majority of people would share themselves in this way for public consumption and put their names on it.

Not too far in the past many readers could find comfort curling up with a good book. We have been digital for a decent amount of time now, and many readers are finding themselves curling up with a laptop or phone. Of course we can all get our love of reading from e-books and all sorts of written content online, but our love of reality, which some can quench with obviously produced and possibly unscripted television, has steered many of us into the blog universe. The blog is partial diary, a bit of opinion, and totally personal. I know we are supposed to be writing for an audience, but I can’t even think about that when I have decided how I am going to put my thoughts about a particular subject out into the world. Maybe I feel too naked – I am not exactly sure, but when I write my blog I am mostly doing it for myself. This record I have been putting together will eventually be placed on a flash drive and plugged into a printer to be inked onto paper to be stored with the rest of my written work. I find pleasure in thinking of one day going back and contemplating again what I thought about certain things and how my thinking may have evolved and become the seeds for new ideas and creative avenues.


I have heard from certain educated people that writers don’t like to read others’ works. Writers are supposed to spend most of their time creating new work, and maybe we’re not supposed to have time to read what others have thought about. This whole idea must be fading if it’s true. I have found reading other people’s blogs is enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable.  And people are blogging about everything. Seriously, if one looks hard enough he could find a blog about any subject under the sun – the more personal the better I think. I would like to see a search engine just for finding blogs. Does that exist? I suppose it could, but I have never heard of one. I am not even sure how a search engine could be set up just to search for blog subjects, but there’s got to be a way to do that.  There are blog specific sites like this one, but people are blogging in all areas of the net. Wouldn’t that be cool if you could search for ‘interstellar space travel’ and find blogs where people are writing just about that subject? I for one would get addicted to this new search engine right away. I have found blogs to be so creative, and I would like to be able to pull up blogs by subject and not just by a specific writer.


Our time blogging specifically for a class is coming to an end. It hasn’t been the torture I envisioned in the beginning. I have had all sorts of people read my work in the past and have been part of writing workshops, but like I said, I have not put my work out for the entire public to read before. Writing should be enjoyable. I know writing is hard for a true writer, but at the end of the day it is cathartic and healing for those of us who need to write. I have truly found a love in writing for this blog. May the blogging universe continue to grow, and may others find a real joy in sharing with the rest of us. Keep in mind that you may brighten and educate someone out in the world who may also write, but also loves to read.



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