Connecting the Possibilities


For this blog post I started thinking about our technology and how far we have come and where we are going. Our limitations as a society are continually being broken down. Of course with progress comes new problems, but societies are up for the task to overcome issues standing in our way. We, as the human race, should really be impressed by everything we have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. I started thinking about creations that have created new paths for progress. One major progression from our past was the invention of the car and faster and more reliable sources of transportation. The progression of transportation stands out to me because it connects so many other progressions of the past. People, goods, and resources could now be connected over long distances faster than ever before. Can you imagine all our other progress without being able to get people and all we create to far off distances? Connection was the key. Without connections through quicker, more efficient, and more comfortable forms of travel, bands of people would still be forming larger communities of habitation, but everyone would be static to their own environment. Much of our energy sources would be limited to location, and anything produced by one community would be limited primarily to much smaller areas.

Our continual progression of travel sources may once again be our next big step into the future as interest to move outside our world has piqued the imagination of interest groups around the planet.  Just recently a private group in our country has been making incredible strides with rockets. These entrepreneurs have almost figured out a way to launch a rocket into space and have it return home for reuse.  Yet another pair of mentally gifted thinkers have come up with the idea of building tiny ships that can travel outside our solar system and transport information back to us. Both these ideas are huge and will end up leapfrogging us further into the future and connect us to possibilities we have only dreamed. Right now they are both works in progress, but these inventions are happening. What will they bring to benefit our lives? Only time will tell.


The other progression from our recent past that has enabled us to connect in new and creative ways of course is the internet.  I believe this was the biggest invention since the fuel engine. As I’ve tried to point out, it’s all about connection. Yes, we had phones, but that was so limited.  Transportation could also connect people through what we now refer to as snail mail, but the internet provided instant transmission of words and ideas.  We started out with web 1.0 which to me is like the Model-T.  Now we have web 2.0 and 3.0.  We were connecting through websites and then social media, and now we are taking it all with us in our pockets. We are continually connected to one other. This connection we have become reliant on will be even more important as we start traveling off our planet.  I see the internet as connection to the past with the future. Imagine living without your car or any engine enabled form of transport; the idea is almost frightening.  Now think about living without your cell. We are all carrying around mini computers that help us out in so many ways, and thinking of giving that up and not having it to connect continually throughout the day is becoming a scary idea.  Need to look up a word? Done. Wondering how warm you should dress the next day? There’s an app for that. A quick message to a friend or group member? Just type it in. The second biggest connector of our time is just something we cannot live without.  This connection will continue to propel us into the future, and I’m glad I have been around to see its beginning and take advantage of everything is offers. Let’s stay connected and enjoy all the new ways that keep our society moving forward.



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